Kingborough – Margate

Kingborough is located 10km south of Hobart. The municipality of Kingborough has 336 kilometers of coast and incorporates a total area of 717 square kilometres. Kingborough has a population of approximately 34,000 and includes the popular tourist destination of Bruny Island which can reached by a car ferry from Kettering every day of the year.

The 2011 Census shows that the percentage change in population between 2006 and 2011 was 9.0% compared to 4.0% for Tasmania and 8.3% for Australia. Kingborough’s population increase for this Census period was the largest numerical increase in any local government area in Tasmania. Kingborough has one of the highest growth rates in Tasmania.

The French navigators were the first Europeans to explore the area of Kingston and in 1792 a French expedition, under Rear Admiral Bruny D’Entrecasteaux, entered the River Derwent. The first white settlers arrived in 1808 at Brown’s River. The area was declared a township in 1851. Kingston was a popular holiday destination for the people of Hobart and one can still see a number of the early holiday shacks around Kingston Beach and Blackmans Bay.

The Southern Outlet road was completed in 1969 linking Kingston and Blackmans Bay to Hobart, making it within easy commuting distance to the State’s capital. Local industries include fish processing, tourism, boat building, fruit farms and the Australian headquarters for Antarctic Research. 

Today Kingston/Blackmans Bay makes up the majority of the population with Margate following closely behind. An abundance of arts and community groups, local events, markets full of handmade crafts and produce mean the Kingborough and Channel regions are the places many people choose to call home. Home to the popular tourist destination Bruny Island with a ferry operating from Kettering every day of the year, there are a number of holiday accommodations options to choose from making the Kingborough and Channel regions popular destinations for tourists and locals alike.

There are a number of well reputed primary and secondary schools to choose from within the Kingborough area as well as parks, reliable public transport, recreational and sporting facilities, restaurants, nature/wildlife walks, shopping precincts and the ever growing Channel Court shopping centre, ensuring the Kingborough region continues to flourish.

Suburbs in the Kingborough

Aurora Australis taken by Jonas Haag, Open2View Dru Point, Margate, Tasmania


Dru Point Bicentennial Park, Margate, Tasmania


Margate, Tasmania


Blackmans Bay Beach, Tasmania

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